Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc.


Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc. (DDP) values its customers and we know that the privacy and security of your personal information is foremost on your minds. DDP wants to assure you that it is foremost on our minds as well. Whether you are an active member with us or you are a visitor to one of our web sites, your information is secure.

Any account or personal information that is retrieved from any of DDP web site for enrollment or informational requests is done so to meet all legal and regulatory requirements placed upon DDP. The information retrieved is used solely for the purpose of services that the customer has requested. DDP reserves the right to disclose or report any personal information received, under specific circumstances that DDP believes in good faith, that is requested by governing law enforcement agencies or required under law, to obtain necessary credit verifications and/or collect or report debts owed to us and to protect our rights and property.

Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc.'s employees will be the only personnel that will have access to web site visitors' information. The information retrieved will be used and processed strictly for the purpose that the visitor has prescribed. Employees are instructed to use strict policies and procedures when dealing with such information. All information is required to be handled as confidential. Our Service Providers also collect customers' personal information through the normal course of business; they have their own standards and regulations that they adhere to. DDP in no way or manner has the authority to dictate those rules and regulations to Service Providers but let it be known that all Providers directly associated with DDP meet all required standards of privacy requested by law.

Upon entering one of Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc.'s web sites for the purpose of enrolling, your ACH or credit card information is processed through a SSL encrypted session. This is to ensure the highest level of security of your banking information.

We here at Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc. strive to provide our members and potential members with the highest possible service, the completion and accuracy of personal information submitted is important. Please review your information regularly for accuracy. You may contact Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc. directly if any information needs to be updated.

Any information, personal or account, received by Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc. through its web site is never sold to any outside resource.