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Overview of Our Dental Plans

This page will help you understand our Dental Plans, and find which one is right for you.


1. Colorado Dental Plan Options - for Colorado Residents Only

These plans are for residents of Colorado only. If you are not a Colorado resident, please see our Nationwide Dental Savings Plan below.

Colorado residents can choose between this Colorado Dental Savings Plan and the Nationwide Dental Savings Plan. They can also choose our Dental Insurance Plan.

What is the difference between the two Dental Savings Plans?

Both plans cost you the same ($11.75 per month for 1 person). The main differences are the number of participating dentists in your area, and the amount of savings you will receive at the time of service.

The Colorado Dental Savings Plan will save you the most money at the dentist, but has fewer participating dentists. The Nationwide Dental Savings Plan has the most participating dentists, but your savings are slightly less. If neither of these Savings Plans work for you, we also offer Dental Insurance.

Here are the 3 choices you can make as a Colorado resident, and some help in making your choice.

  1. Colorado Dental Savings Plan (Not Insurance)
  2. Nationwide Dental Savings Plan (Not Insurance)
  3. Dental Insurance
    • This is Dental Insurance, not a Discount Savings Plan.
    • Choose in-network dentists, or choose your own dentist.
    • Pay a $20 co-payment per visit. Pricing starts at $32.15 per month for 1 person for in-network benefits.
    • Call us at 1-800-377-2924 to discuss Dental Insurance.

2. Nationwide Dental Savings Plan - for Almost Anyone in the U.S.

This plan is for almost everyone in the United States, including Colorado residents. The only exceptions are those in the states of Utah, Vermont, Washington.

We also sometimes refer to this plan as the "Nationwide Dental Discount Plan".

Here is some help in making your choice.

  1. Nationwide Dental Savings Plan (Not Insurance)


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