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Common Questions About Dental Flossing

Do you have questions about dental floss? If so, that’s not uncommon. Many people do not regularly use dental floss, nor do they understand the benefits of daily flossing. If you do not use dental floss every day, make sure to talk with your dentist about the many reasons to routinely floss your teeth.

Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers) about dental floss. If there’s one thing to know about dental floss, it’s that it is an effective tool for keeping your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

Q: I brush my teeth more than twice a day. Why should I also floss?
A: Brushing your teeth multiple times a day keeps your teeth clean and helps prevent cavities and other oral health issues. However, a toothbrush cannot clean in between your teeth the way dental floss can. Therefore it’s important to brush and floss – and not opt for brushing alone.

Q: Is there a right way to use dental floss?
A: Yes! There is a correct way to floss your teeth. The most beneficial process for flossing is best demonstrated in person by your dentist or dental hygienist. Please ask for instructions next time you’re at a dental appointment.

Q: Will regularly using dental floss improve my breath?
A: It might. Dental flossing removes plaque and bacteria that can cause bad breath. Using dental floss every day can greatly improve your oral hygiene and your breath.

Q: Are there different types of dental floss?
A: Anyone who has shopped for dental floss knows there are dozens of brands and types of dental floss available for purchase in most grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, and department stores such as Walmart and Target. Ask your dentist which type of floss is best for you, your teeth, and your gums.

Q: How can using dental floss save me money?
A: By using dental floss every day, your teeth and gums will be cleaner. Dental floss reduces your risk of developing cavities, periodontal disease, or other dental health problems that can be costly and time-consuming to treat.

Q: Can people wearing braces use dental floss?
A: Yes. People in braces can use dental floss. In fact, using dental floss while undergoing orthodontic treatment is especially important. Make sure to ask your orthodontist for special instructions and for tips on the type of dental floss that is easiest to use while wearing braces.

Q: How can I use dental floss when my teeth are crooked and overlap?
A: It might be more difficult to use dental floss if your teeth are not perfectly straight. However, having misaligned teeth makes it even more important to use floss daily. Crooked teeth are more apt to trap food and bacteria in between them, which can only be removed with dental floss.

Q: I have a hard time grasping dental floss. Are there any alternatives?
A: If you cannot easily grasp and manipulate dental floss, some tools make dental flossing easier. Many people use a water flosser, which is simple to handle and highly effective when used correctly.

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