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Direct Dental Plans of America

What is a Discount Dental Savings Plan?

You might have heard of a discount dental savings plan, but you’re not entirely sure what it is or how it can benefit you. A discount dental savings plan is not the same as dental insurance, nor is it meant to replace dental insurance. By enrolling as a member in an affordable discount dental savings plan, you can save a significant amount of money on excellent dental care that you need and deserve.

Some of the benefits of a Direct Dental Plans of America discount dental plan membership include the following:

No Waiting Periods. With a Direct Dental Plans of American discount dental plan membership, the moment you enroll and receive your membership card, you are eligible to receive discounts on a wide range of dental procedures.

Pre-Existing Conditions Not Taken into Consideration. Sometimes, dental insurance will not cover dental procedures associated with a pre-existing condition. With a discount dental plan membership, pre-existing conditions do not prevent you from receiving discounts on dental care.

Outrageous Monthly Premiums Do Not Exist. There is no need to pay a steep monthly premium for a membership in a discount dental plan. For example, an introductory rate membership with Direct Dental Plans of America starts at just $11.75 per month with a one-time application fee of only $20.00.

Limits on Usage. Unlike dental insurance which often restricts the number of times you can visit the dentist for a regular cleaning or for certain dental procedures, you may use your membership in a discount dental plan as often as you need.

Limits on Benefits. Need an expensive dental procedure? How about three or four? If you require one or more expensive dental procedures, dental insurance often limits your annual monetary benefits. A discount dental plan membership, on the other hand, allows you to save on as many dental procedures as you require.

Orthodontic Benefits. It can be tough to find dental insurance that offers true savings on orthodontic treatments such as braces. You’ll be pleased to learn that many orthodontists that participate in the Direct Dental Plans of America discount savings plan offer discounts on various services (including braces) for adults and children alike.

Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. Procedures that are typically referred to as cosmetic are not always covered by dental insurance – and if they are covered it’s often at a small percentage. As a member of an affordable discount dental plan, you can receive discounts on dental implants, teeth whitening, and many other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Dental Care for Seniors. If you are retired, you probably do not receive dental insurance benefits through an employer. If this is the case, a membership in a discount dental plan helps offset the cost of visiting the dentist for regular appointments and for needed dental treatments.

Even though a membership in an affordable discount dental plan is not meant to replace dental insurance and it does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act, it is an excellent alternative that helps consumers afford quality dental care.

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