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How to Know if You're Having a Dental Emergency

You know your tooth hurts. But you don’t know what to do about it. Should you call your regular dentist? Should you make a visit to an emergency dentist who can see you immediately? When you have tooth pain, it can be difficult to know how to handle it.

Tooth pain is something that should be taken seriously. It’s important to find out why you are in pain and whether the pain is due to a serious problem. Some types of tooth pain can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication, but other types of pain might require an emergency dental procedure.

How to Know if You’re Having a Dental Emergency
Some types of dental emergencies are relatively easy to identify. The following are valid reasons to seek immediate dental care:

  • ·         A permanent tooth has been knocked loose or knocked out completely
  • ·         A tooth is broken and is causing severe pain
  • ·         You bit your tongue, cheek, or lip and you cannot get the bleeding to stop
  • ·         Your gums are bleeding and you cannot get the bleeding to stop
  • ·         You were in an accident and your teeth or jaw is painful
  • ·         You wear braces and the metal is causing extreme pain, bleeding, or unbearable discomfort
  • ·         You are experiencing extreme discomfort in/around your jaw or face, and you cannot pinpoint the source of the pain

Call Your Dentist
When in doubt about tooth pain, the best thing to do is call your regular dentist. If the office is open, you should be provided with advice on how to proceed. Many dental offices will do everything possible to see patients with emergencies the same day they call. If your pain occurs during the evening or on a weekend, try calling your regular dentist anyway. Many dentists have an answering service that will get ahold of an on-call dentist who can provide you with guidance.

Ignoring Dental Pain is Not the Answer
Nobody likes to be in pain – especially when the pain is related to a tooth or to your gums or jaw. Spending days or weeks in pain – hoping that the pain will go away on its own – is never advisable. Tooth pain can be a symptom of a serious condition that should be treated as soon as possible.

If you are avoiding a visit to the dentist because you are worried about the cost of a dental appointment, a membership in a discount dental plan can help reduce your financial obligation. A discount dental plan is designed to help make dental treatment affordable. If you have dental insurance, your insurance may pay for part or all of your dental visit.  It’s important that you do not put off visiting the dentist due to financial reasons.

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