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Should You Use Mouthwash Every Day

Turn on the television at just about any hour of the day, and you’re bound to see a commercial that touts the many benefits of mouthwash. From providing you with breath that smells great and a tingly-fresh feeling in your mouth, mouthwash manufacturers are quick to tell consumers that their products should be used on a daily basis.

But, is mouthwash really as beneficial as television commercials indicate? While there are certainly many reasons to use mouthwash, it’s advisable to consult with your dentist before relying on mouthwash to solve (or “mask”) some of the problems that are causing you to use mouthwash in the first place.

Nobody wants to emit a foul-smelling odor from their mouth, and mouthwash is often used to relieve symptoms of bad breath. However, before you rely on mouthwash to rid yourself of unpleasant breath, make sure to investigate the specific reason(s) you are suffering from bad breath. Unpleasant breath can be a symptom of tooth decay, gum disease, or another ailment that should be addressed by your dentist.

Using Mouthwash to Fight Cavities
Mouthwash is sometimes recommended as a product that can help fight the development of cavities. While some types of mouthwash contain ingredients that can help prevent cavities, not all mouthwash is beneficial in this regard. If your dentist believes that mouthwash can be used to help prevent cavities from forming in your teeth, make sure to ask for a specific product recommendation.

Brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis is essential to maintaining excellent oral health. It’s important to ask your dentist or dental hygienist for a recommendation on how many times a day you should be brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash.

Mouthwash Helps Stop Bad Breath
Everyone is unique. Therefore, mouthwash might help one person achieve pleasant-smelling breath and it might cause another person to suffer from irritation due to the ingredients in the product. Before selecting a mouthwash, review the ingredients. Then, ask your dentist if the ingredients pose any common risks.

Preventative Oral Healthcare
When it comes to oral health, it’s important to visit a dentist for a professional dental cleaning and exam every six months. Not only does a bi-annual visit to your dentist’s office help keep your teeth and gums in good shape, but such appointments also provide you with the opportunity to ask questions related to your oral health.

For help finding a local dentist and to benefit from lower-cost dental fees, consider becoming a member of an affordable discount dental plan. Discount dental plans are designed to make dental office visits convenient and reasonably priced. During your preventative check-up, make sure to ask your dentist or dental hygienist about the pros and cons of using mouthwash on a regular basis. And, make sure to ask for a recommendation on which mouthwash will benefit you the most.

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